Semen & embryo Shipping information

We offer 100% fullblood Wagyu cattle, Wagyu semen, and Wagyu embryos for sale and ship within the continental United States.

  • Shipping of embryos and semen is the responsibility of the purchaser. 
  • Our semen inventory is collected and stored at Vogler Semen Center in Ashland, Nebraska.
  • All our embryos are stored at Reproductive Services LLC in Bennet, NE. 402-440-0430
  • We currently offer shipping in the continental U.S. but do NOT offer international shipping.
  • Once a semen or embryo purchase has been made by the customer and Wackel Farms Wagyu has received payment in full, we will email a representative at Reproductive Services or Vogler Semen Center where our inventory is stored. We will also copy the customer in the email for an introduction so you can work out shipping with them. 
  • You can also set up an account at either location and keep the semen or embryos in storage until you need them. 
  • Semen or embryos will not be released until we get confirmation the credit card has been charged, cash has been received, or your check has cleared in our bank account.

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