Bred Recipient Cows with 100% Wagyu Embryos

Take control of your own wagyu herd. Our pregnant recips are ready to calve and will provide you with everything you need to get started. You will have the ability to select the gender of your calf. 

TagMatingpregnancy gender checked at 60-65 days bredestimated due dateAus. Identifier
675123 X BondBull4/28/2023MYMFQ007
708123 X BondBull4/28/2023MYMFQ007
640137 x Arubial united P0342 (AI) (ET)Bull4/27/2023MYMFP0342
664137 x Arubial united P0342 (AI) (ET)Bull4/27/2023MYMFP0342
676One X Arubial united P0342 (AI) (ET)Bull4/26/2023MYMFP0342
9010137 x Arubial united P0342 (AI) (ET)Bull5/3/2023MYMFP0342
91459 x Arubial united P0342 (AI) (ET)Bull5/2/2023MYMFP0342
52914491W X PCW Ito Zuru Doi 119RTBull4/21/2023
822E19 X GenjiroBull4/21/2023IMCFP0117
836E19 X GenjiroBull4/21/2023IMCFP0117
5162Y X Mayura L0010Bull4/24/2023ADBFL0010
90442y x Mayura L0010Bull4/5/2023ADBFL0010
631420W2 X SUMO CATTLE CO MICHIFUKU F154 (AI)Bull4/27/2023SMOFF0154
96411y x SUMO CATTLE CO MICHIFUKU F154 (AI)Bull5/1/2023SMOFF0154
421E19 X TBR ITOZURUNAMI 4305B (ET)Bull4/22/2023USAFB19603
441E19 X TBR ITOZURUNAMI 4305B (ET)Bull4/22/2023USAFB19603
454E19 X TBR ITOZURUNAMI 4305B (ET)Bull4/22/2023USAFB19603
564E19 X TBR ITOZURUNAMI 4305B (ET)Bull4/22/2023USAFB19603
585E19 X TBR ITOZURUNAMI 4305B (ET)Bull4/22/2023USAFB19603
814E19 X TBR ITOZURUNAMI 4305B (ET)Bull4/22/2023USAFB19603
876E19 X TBR ITOZURUNAMI 4305B (ET)Bull4/21/2023USAFB19603
897Z077 X TBR SHIGENAMINAMI 3024Z (ET)Bull4/21/2023TRIFH3024Z
459419RT X World K's MichifukuBull4/22/2023WKSFM0164
534419RT X World K's MichifukuBull4/22/2023WKSFM0164
803419RT X World K's MichifukuBull4/22/2023WKSFM0164
90924y x World K's MichifukuBull4/3/2023WKSFM0164
9012137 x WORLD K'S SANJIROU (AI) (ET)Bull4/4/2023WKSFP0100
9054137 x WORLD K'S SANJIROU (AI) (ET)Bull4/3/2023WKSFP0100
905y x WORLD K'S SHIGESHIGETANI 1593Bull5/2/2023WKSFP1593
90023Y x WORLD K'S SHIGESHIGETANI 1593Bull5/1/2023WKSFP1593
90055y x WORLD K'S SHIGESHIGETANI 1593Bull5/2/2023WKSFP1593
90111y x WORLD K'S SHIGESHIGETANI 1593Bull4/3/2023WKSFP1593
91435y x WORLD K'S SHIGESHIGETANI 1593Bull5/2/2023WKSFP1593
457E19 X WSI OKUKANEHARUBull4/21/2023WSIFH0126
817E19 X WSI OKUKANEHARUBull4/21/2023WSIFH0126


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