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Arubial anticipated MYMFQ0014 X USAFB49308 (Grade 1 IVF)

Arubial anticipated MYMFQ0014 X USAFB49308 (Grade 1 IVF)

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Arubial Anticipated MYMFQ0014 X USAFB49308 MATING ANALYSIS:


  • Gestation Length: -2.0 days (shorter than average)
  • Birth Weight: -0.1 kg (slightly lighter than average)
  • Weights at 200, 400, 600 Days: +12 kg, +20 kg, +22 kg (heavier than average at all stages)
  • Mature Cow Weight: +26 kg (heavier than average)
  • Milk: -2 kg (less milk production)
  • Scrotal Size: +0.8 cm (larger than average)
  • Carcase Weight: +40 kg (heavier than average)
  • Eye Muscle Area: +7.2 sq cm (larger than average)
  • Rump Fat: -1.9 mm (less fat)
  • Retail Beef Yield: +1.3% (higher yield)
  • Marble Score: +2.3 (higher marbling)
  • Marble Fineness: +0.41% (finer marbling)
  • Indexes: High values in Wagyu Breeder Index, Self Replacing Index, Fullblood Terminal Index, and F1 Terminal Index, indicating strong overall genetic potential for various traits.

Dam: PCW SHIGEZURU DOI 2419W G14 (ET) - USAFB49308

  • The dam's data shows similar traits with variations in specific areas like Birth Weight, Milk, Carcase Weight, etc.
  • The dam's EBVs also indicate strong genetic potential, especially in traits like Mature Cow Weight, Eye Muscle Area, and Marble Score.

This data is based on Feb 2024. To view the latest mating predicator for  Arubial Anticipated MYMFQ0014 X USAFB49308 click here

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