Meet Adam Wackel

In 2017, Adam Wackel decided to take the plunge and purchased his first herd of commercial bottle calves. His dream had always been to live on a farm and raise cattle, and after building his first house out on a farm, he finally made that dream a reality. Little did he know that just three years later, he would be a fullblood wagyu beef producer.

Adam saw that the demand for high quality wagyu beef  is unparalleled, so in 2020, Adam made the decision to switch his herd over to fullblood wagyu. His farm has now grown to include over 30 dual registered fullblood wagyu cows, 10 bulls and 20 steers on feed – not to mention the 100 commercial cows that are bred with full blood wagyu embryos!

Wackel Farms Wagyu has invested heavily in foundation sire semen from both the traditional United States foundation bulls and from Australian bulls with leading genetics. This mixes the traditional foundation sires with the high EBV bulls from Australia and has allowed Wackel Farms Wagyu to develop an efficient embryo production program with future plans leaning into selling high-quality embryos, bred recips, cows calfs, bulls, and heifers. 

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