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Wackel Farms Wagyu

Sunnyside Q0540 PSKFQ0540 X USAFB91774 (Grade 1 IVF)

Sunnyside Q0540 PSKFQ0540 X USAFB91774 (Grade 1 IVF)

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Sunnyside Q0540 PSKFQ0540 X USAFB91774 MATING ANALYSIS

Sire: SUNNYSIDE Q0540 (ET)

  • Gestation Length: -1.7 days (slightly shorter than average)
  • Birth Weight: -2.4 kg (lighter than average)
  • Weights at 200, 400, 600 Days: +5 kg, -4 kg, -3 kg (average to slightly lighter than average at all stages)
  • Mature Cow Weight: +2 kg (slightly heavier than average)
  • Milk: -6 kg (lower than average milk production)
  • Scrotal Size: -0.5 cm (smaller than average)
  • Carcass Weight: +9.8 kg (heavier than average)
  • Eye Muscle Area: +1.8 sq cm (larger than average)
  • Rump Fat: -0.3 mm (lower fat cover)
  • Retail Beef Yield: +3.5% (high yield)
  • Marble Score: +0.66 (high marbling)
  • Marble Fineness: +$ 263 (average marbling fineness)
  • Wagyu Breeder Index ($): +$ 325 (high genetic potential)
  • Self Replacing Index ($): +$ 306 (high genetic potential)
  • Fullblood Terminal Index ($): +$ 313 (high genetic potential)
  • F1 Terminal Index ($): +$ 313 (high genetic potential)


  • The dam also has a slightly shorter gestation length and lighter birth weight, with weights at various stages ranging from average to slightly heavier. She has a lighter mature cow weight and slightly lower milk production.
  • The dam exhibits a high carcass weight, larger eye muscle area, and a high retail beef yield, indicating good meat production potential. She has average marbling, average marbling fineness, and average genetic potential across various indices.
  • Inbreeding Coefficient: 6% (measuring genetic similarity)

This data is based on Feb 2024. To view the latest mating predicator for Sunnyside PSKFQ0540 X USAFB91774 click here

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